Hi! I'm Umi, also known as Coralus. I'm an illustrator & comic artist for new Transformers series. Then I also make fanarts for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I have both Bipolar & ADHD which I daily fight to keep going through my day to make people happy. I appreciate deeply for being patient with me & helping me be reminded. ★Donations & commissions from Kofi will go to paying me & my mom's debts, specifically our new home's loan. I will continue to keep creating fun contents for fans, and improving my art skills as I go on. Thanks!!! ◆POST INFO:◆ UPDATE: A Discord server has recently connected with Kofi, and it will gain an easier & quicker access to my works. Make sure to connect yours! I regularly make warmup sketches or quick illustrations in between my works. As for my simple tiers: ● All supporters|One-off or monthly: -Sketches, sneak peaks -Receive a Boiled egg role (Discord) ● Only monthly subscribers: -Rendered pieces, commission pieces -Receive an Omelette role (Discord) ◆DOUJINS/COMIC & * UPLOADS:◆ Since Kofi has no features yet to hold more complicated tiers. My comic works & * illustrations will only be available in my PATREON only. ●

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