This Ko-fi page is intended for commissions, donations, and sharing personal work. Your patronage and viewership is greatly appreciated! Prices and offers: Bust/portrait/avatar - $36 (12 coffees) Waist-high figure with/without simple background - $75 (25 coffees) Full-body figure with/without simple background - $96 (32 coffees) Full-body figure with detailed background - $180 (60 coffees) Landscape - $180 (60 coffees) Additional figures/objects – additional fee of $24 (8 coffees) per additional figure/object Email: TERMS OF SERVICE: By commissioning me for my services, you agree to the terms of service below. Any statement is subject to change by me, the artist, but can be discussed prior to the commission. I. GENERAL TERMS Please provide a detailed and exact description and clean references (high-resolution is preferred but not necessary.) Vague descriptions and lack of references will result in an additional fee of $60 (20 coffees). Rude or aggressive manners will not be tolerated, and your commission will be rejected if you behave this way. II. PAYMENT All commissions must all be paid in full upfront. III. PROCESS WIPs will be provided if the commissioner personally requests for it, or if I require input about the commission’s details. Commissions can take up to 3 months to complete, possibly longer due to many factors such as: health, order of commission, complexity of commission(s), work or family issues. If any of the factors stated above occur, the commissioner will be emailed/DM’d ASAP. IV. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION I will provide the best service I can to insure my customer’s satisfaction. However, only small revisions, such as marking mistakes, will be allowed to be made after the commission is finished. Any greater changes to the figures, objects, and/or background elements that require redrawing parts of the artwork will require an additional fee of $60 (20 coffees). Please be sure to be clear with your commission description. V. COPYRIGHT/USAGE POLICY I, the artist, hold the following rights to the produced drawing: to promote myself within any place or site, to publish in books, to display anywhere I choose, and to post wherever I want. Otherwise, the commissioner is allowed to do as followed: use the copyrighted artwork for personal use, print the art and/or claim the right of their character(s) but not the drawing itself, and use the art to promote themselves with proper credit to the artist. The following is considered Copyright infringement: reproducing/using the copyright artwork for commercial gain, taking credit for the creation of the artwork, removing any watermarks/signatures, or altering the artwork without my, the artist’s, consent. A purchase of commercial rights to the artwork will always be 300% of the original complete price (e.g. $180/60 coffees x 3 = $540/180 coffees) With commercial rights, the commissioner is allowed to make any kind of merchandise with the artwork, such as using it in books, covers, clothing, stickers, pins, etc. The artwork can be changed however the commissioner chooses and can be used to promote their own brand. Credit is still required for any use of the artwork, even if it’s altered or edited. VI. CANCELING/REFUNDING POLICY I have the right to cancel and refund the money for your commission at any time. You have no right to cancel or demand a refund from me, the artist, under any circumstances after the payment is received. If the refund has not been sent yet, then the commissioner has the right to cancel the commission. Any chargebacks filed against me, the artist, will revoke your right to any artwork produced by me and to commission me, Crimsoneyedkeeper, ever again. Your name will be blacklisted and publicly posted everywhere I want to for others to watch out for. I have every right to file a complaint and have all right to the money you have given me. Any statement is subject to change by me, the artist, but can be discussed prior to the commission.

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