Welcome to my Ko-fi page. I had heard about Ko-fi in the past, but it only registered because I am a coffee lover and donating a cup of coffee sounded like a good idea. I have been running my Crypto Cellar Web page for close to 25 years now. Initially, I could host it free of cost as a private page on a CERN Web server. However, I had to move it all onto a commercial Web server when I retired. The costs are manageable, so I have never considered asking for financial support. But when I add the cost of paying for copying archive documents, FOIA requests and other research, I have to turn the coin one and two times before committing even more private resources. Being an independent scholar has its limits. Contrary to my academic colleagues, I can no longer afford to do physical archive research or visit conferences abroad. My consultancy, Crypto Cellar Research, which I started in 2013 when I was "hired" as a consultant for a Hollywood film that never got off the ground, is a genuine non-profit outfit. It has had zero turnovers and never earned me a dime. Its only purpose today is as a framework for my research and publications. However, this suits me because I am my own master, and there are no pressing demands on delivering to tight schedules etc. The research I am usually doing takes years to complete, so publishing regularly to subscription services like Substack does not suit me. I post only sporadically when I have something valuable to share with others, and that does not happen every week. Since 2013, I have periodically been writing on my blog [Crypto Cellar Tales]( I have been toying with the idea of moving this blog to [Medium](, where I have a subscription and feel at home. We will see what the future brings.

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