Canvas Swap Zine
►NOTE: All Ko-fi's are in CANADIAN DOLLARS ►This is for zine PDF's/Digital content only! Want more swag? Check out or ►All proceeds go to funding this project! ----------------------------------------- ►EVENT INFORMATION ►NEXT EVENT: TBA *please be sure to read the event post in the gallery for ALL details! ►PERKS: ●$3CAD+ DONORS GET: ▪Can get their name in the next issue, and on our website supporter section! (Please fill out ! We will not put names in unless this form is filled.) ▪& more! ●$6CAD+ donors get the above and the next issue preorder (this is 40% off!) ●$9CAD+ donors get the above and can submit a character to be drawn by one of our artists ►Please be sure to read the event posts for more details!

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