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We're committed to keeping all of our resources free forever. That part is non-negotiable as we believe it to be the right thing to do. However, that also means everything comes out of pocket - be it hosting costs or just the amount of time required. Your support is what allows us to constantly improve the quality of our offerings and for that, we thank you. (Reminder, Ko-Fi doesn't take a cut so 100% of your donation goes to supporting us!) As a way to give back to our Sponsors (Membership tab), we offer a couple of nice perks like early access to our breakdowns and reviews to those generous enough to support us in a recurring manner (starting from as low as €2 a month). Be sure to check out each of the tiers for the benefits that come with them! As always, don't feel obligated to support us if you can't afford to do so. Please be responsible with your money and don't let your good intentions put you in a difficult spot. Take care of yourself first 💚

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