Daily Ralsei Art

for all ko-fi supporters: please answer this google form! https://bit.ly/ralsei-kofi-rewards All Supporters - Name appearance in Ko-fi Supporters List - Custom name - Daily Ralsei art prompt - Discord role (discord.gg/dailyralsei) Colored Names - Pink name means Monthly Supporter - Green name means Supporter of All Time (50 USD+) - Pink-green gradient for both 10 USD - Your Character Here Ralsei art - One character (OC, from media, object, person, etc.) - Choose poses and expressions 30 USD - Your Character Asks Ralsei art - Up to two characters (any character, like previous tier) - I'll draw Ralsei's response The above amounts don’t have to be sent in one payment. You can accumulate tips over time and claim rewards you haven’t claimed yet. For example, you’ve donated 20 dollars in total, and only claimed one YCH Ralsei drawing. You can claim another YCH Ralsei drawing if you wish to, since the amount needed for a YCH Ralsei is 10 USD. Note: Commission payments excluding extra tips paid through Ko-fi do not count for YCH rewards, but you can still have name perks.

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