Busk the Globe

I'm Dan - a classically trained folk violinist from Brighton, currently half way through a ten year tour around 100 countries, supported by collaborations and street performances during my travels. I'm trying to better understand the effect music can have on people, cross - culturally, as well as gaining an insight into the sheer diversity of music across the globe. This is all underpinned by insatiable wanderlust and an ambivalence towards modern society and the (classical) music establishment. Through my articles and social media I'm attempting to present an alternative and ethically informed lifestyle, driven by the power of music, human connections and "eco-travel" - by train, sailboat, hitchhiking, & bicycle (no commercial flights!). I'm currently touring the Middle East and every donation goes a long way to keeping me on the road, now that most street performing tips have dried up! 🙏

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