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Thank you so much for even considering buying us a cup of coffee! Your support means so much to us!! Annaleis Co-Host The better half of DAPF, Annaleis is a full time superhero who also enjoys ​fingerpainting butterflies and the word "moist". After growing up in a small northern California town, Annaleis spent some time in Los Angeles before moving to Portland. There, she owned and operated a small coffee shop while also working in a local comic book store. Annaleis also lent her comic book expertise while working at different comic cons for publishers. Annaleis eventually moved back to the Bay Area where she currently works at Skywalker Ranch for Lucas Film/Disney. She now resides in the Napa Valley with her Husband and family of pets. Annaleis is still very much involved with comics, gaming, music and travel. Neil C Co-Host The tag along half of DAPF, Neil C spends his time petting spiders and coming up with new ways to use the word "moist". After escaping his Mothers private areas, Neil has spent most of his life in the Bay Area. Being a bit of an adrenaline junkie, he has tried to injure himself multiple times while partaking in mountain biking, jet skiing, snowboarding, motorcycle riding...etc... Neil also played guitar and sang in a few Bay Area bands and still writes and records music. He currently works in San Francisco and lives in Napa CA with his Wife and their crazy pets where he still enjoys his hobbies. Neil has never ventured too far from his Momma due to his "Momma's Boy" status... No, really... He can't be too far away... It's weird... Both Annaleis and Neil C live together in Northern California with their pets and egos. Both have a wide variety of interests including animal welfare, video games, comic books, reading, music, Jamaica, podcasting, travel, NASCAR, and other crap. These two started podcasting because they couldn't seem to get enough of their own voices. Hearing the beautiful sounds made by their mouths, they were inspired to allow everyone to experience the joy, so they began sharing their sweet vocal love with the masses...


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