Hello everybody, this is my Ko-fi page :) Will I provide paying releases here? I already provide everything totally free on Nexus! Will I provide releases sooner here? I already provide releases as soon as they're ready on Nexus, without waiting. Will I provide test releases here? I already provide free test releases, available to everybody, on the discord server of my mods. Will I provide a discord server specific to my donators? I already provide a discord server, fairly low-noise, where you can be helped and discuss directly with me (and others). I keep nothing from you, this Ko-fi is only for you to support me or thank me if you feel like it :) (The little story of this Ko-fi is that a FSMP user told me that he thought I should accept donations as thanks because of the quantitiy of work I put in my mods, so there it is :) ! )

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