M : I'm Mocha! I have a lot of hobbies such as playing guitar and reading comic books, BUT, my favorite is my girlfriend, LATTE! L : I'm Latte! I love classy things, so I always wear a ribbon! And I love Mocha who has always stood by me! M: Sugar Town, where we live, has a lot of delicious and gorgeous shops! L: My favorite spot is the Sugar Department Store, the biggest building in town! M : [Muttering] You take time too long to do the shopping... L : [shying] Mocha, do you know where is the most precious place for us? M : Of course! The Flower Garden, located in the forest!!! L : LOL. Sugar Town is also easy to date. Because it has also the Sugar Park and Sugar Beach! M : Yeah! Um, Latte, anyway, I think I'm hungry... L : Ahahaha, okay, Mocha! Let's go to the cafeteria :)

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