About Debuneko's Ko-fi page: Helping the animals has always been a big passion for Pyo. After spending 10years working in an animal welfare organization, she recognizes the struggles that go into keeping a secured roof over the shelter. Hence, she made it her mission to help in any way possible. The amount of work had been slow due to the pandemic, which means that there will be a delay on future animal welfare projects. Therefore, any donations or supports that comes through here will all be for supporting any animal welfare projects. New projects will be updated here! Where does the fund specifically go to, you ask? It could be any of the projects from: 1. Sterilization of strays dogs and cats (neutering/spaying) 2. Cost of medication for an animal in need 3. Upkeeping of animal shelters 4. Food and medicine for the strays As for now, most projects that are undertaken will be in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur/Selangor). If you would like to be part of this project/collaborate with her on work, feel free to contact her. Thank you for reading!

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