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Argentauria is an open world online role playing game where you can meet other players, make new friends, and work together to increase a variety of skills. Be a trader, an armourer, a cook, a knight, or just about anything in Argentauria. The world is influenced by medieval architecture and design, though is not intended to be an accurate simulation of medieval life. The story is yours to create, and how the world evolves will be up to the community. Currently this is a personal project and building an entire MMORPG as a single person is slow, but I've been a programmer since 1996 and I've been planning this for over 20 years now! Development began mid 2022 as a weekend project and with your support, I'd like to prioritise this project more through the week too. Without the financial backing, other client projects remain my main priority. The current goal is to finish building the infrastructure and core game mechanics, documenting the whole process here for you to watch. Follow me as I build an interactive world with player communication, character customisation, skills to learn, places to explore, and things to collect. This will all launch as a free to play game ready to be continually expanded with bigger places, more skills and items, and of course quests. Some of these expanded areas will be available exclusively to paid members, to cover running costs, but everything that's launched as free access will remain so. With enough interest and community support, I'd hope to eventually bring on board more creative minds, developing a team to keep Argentauria growing. Any support you might be kind enough to offer would be very genuinely appreciated. Whether donating, sharing my page to others, or just hitting follow.

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