Win10 Compatible System

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My current computer is Windows 7 based. (PC not Mac only because of software). As a digital photographer, designer, publisher and blogger (and Zoom-based everything at the current time) it is a critical piece of equipment. Without the support of a large corporation behind me, it is also a major expense. . Your contribution, in any amount, will help this queer creative elder ordained rabble-rousing Sister continue to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.


Queer CanAmerican from ON in OH. Card reader, graphic designer, photographer, poet, Sister Flirt TOPI, ULC ordained.

Digital Gryphon
In addition to doing my various Creative pursuits, I offer Card Readings for other creatives. Insights are based in my 4 decades of 'real world' business experience and about as many years of spiritual and esoteric studies. Funds raised here support my ongoing work. Commissions are now open for 2020 Cards of the Year messages. Thank you.

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