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Welcome Night's End under-dwellers! I am so happy that you want to join the Night's End family. I absolutely love making this podcast and it is as much of a sanity saver for me as it is a source of entertainment for you. So THANK YOU! Like all things in the world, it costs money to bring these fabulous episodes to you! Studio costs, production costs, and most importantly I really want this podcast to be a great outlet for up-and-coming writers. This podcast would not exist without them. I pride myself on at least being able to pay them a little bit for now, and hopefully something more suitable than a token payment later when I have more support. Your contribution here now will help me to create new content and help grow a community of Horror lovers. While introducing you to all the talented writers out there that need to be noticed. Thank you again for joining this community and your listenership is most appreciated. Stay horrific everyone! Jimmy Horrors

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