The Djedi

Mini Biography: The name's Andrew, and thanks for taking the time to check out my work. I am an all self taught and multi disciplinary graphic and visual artist, content creator, actor, producer, video editor, djedi practitioner, and planetary guardian - just to name a few things. I've been bouncing around creative endeavours for most of my life as a stubbornly dedicated servant to my many talents and abilities - to a fault. I decided long ago that I was not fit or willing to work the standard 9-5 corporate, impersonal job position at any one of the monopolized industries or franchises we see today, so I've settled for far less than an average lifestyle in dedication to making a hit one day. I currently live in a van down by the river on about $3 / day with my cat, Askim, on the edge of the BC Rocky Mountains in Canada. So anything you can offer to help me not freeze or starve to death will be especially appreciated! Djemini Studios | Company History: Djemini Studios was founded in 2016 along side the launch of our fan series "The Djedi Academy", as a means of housing the production and the variety of content it includes. Since then we've expanded to explore other fun and engaging presentations and projects such as music videos, local news coverage and activism, exclusive podcasting events and small business promotions for our local community. Djemini Studios is also working on the development of a social media network that is independent from the "gang" of big tech companies that have been dominating the internet and our cultural conversation for FAR too long now. Come check out the irons we got in the fire! Djemini Network Link: For a more Thorough Introduction / Biography, follow this link to my website:

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