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🌈 HI HELLO! This is the doodlemancy ko-fi page. If you have not been on Ko-Fi before, it's a platform where you can support creatives to get access to cool supporter-only stuff. Money you contribute here directly supports a disabled artist and her very good cat! 🌈 Ko-Fi members get... ⭐ WIPS (works in progress)! ⭐ Merch previews! ⭐ Behind-the-scenes stuff! ⭐ Members-only shop items & services! ⭐ Goodies in the mail! (Internationally too!) A couple of lil rules... ❌ Please don't repost any of my Ko-Fi content elsewhere! ❌ Ko-Fi contributions can't be counted toward Etsy purchases or vice-versa, sorry! ❌ Please don't join and then cancel right away JUST to get mail goodies, those tiers are set up for ongoing support. ;v; ✔️ Please DO cancel for whatever other reason you may need to. Finances and interests change and that's fine; your support is appreciated while you're here. 💖 💸 One more note: small contributions are cool and good. If it's sustainable for you, that means it's reliable for me! So no apologizing for not being able to join the Highest of Tiers. 💌 HOW TO CONTACT ME: if you need to get in touch you can DM me! Scroll up, there's an envelope button up there under my header!

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