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Buy a Coffee for Jerry LeNeave



Jerry is a freelance writer and designer in the tabletop RPG space. He's worked with Wizards of the Coast, Schwalb Entertainment, Kobold Press, as well as others and has been running The Dread Gazebo blog since 2010.

Currently he's heading up Black Candle Games, a small publisher of tabletop RPG adventures and content for Demon Lord and D&D. www.blackcandlegames.com

Jerry LeNeave
Hey there, and thanks for considering buying me a coffee. With your donation you'll literally be buying me a coffee, or a book, or some other small pleasure. It's those little things that keep me going, and keep me up well into the night delving into wherever my next adventure takes me.

As a thank you, you'll receive a link to a PDF I've created with some fun random tables of locales and objects you might find in various settings for your tabletop endeavors.

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