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Thank you for visiting!! We know that what we do doesn't seem THAT much, But it is still worrying to learn that over 66% of people are totally unaware of safer, cheaper non animal tested and therefore more eco friendly products for beauty, cleaning & personal hygiene. One of the the biggest commercial sources of Animal Cruelty by large International companies. Companies that also produce the FOOD we EAT!!! And so if we reach out to more people who MAY BUY CRUELTY FREE after finding out more from... ... or , then we will have done our job. There's still 268+ companies, from beauty, to healthcare and laundry and food companies & brands that still test on animals, with no plans to change... Take a look at the list, I bet you will be shocked at some of the well known brands, a lot of which also own favourite food brands too that they operate under the same ethics... If enough people swap to Cruelty FREE brands, it will force the hand of the big International Companies and their shareholders to move towards producing Cruelty FREE products. At the moment, the big brand owners have no plans to do this. And this then becomes a norm that some new companies copy, which then multiplies the problems. A lot of the little known Cruelty FREE brands are actually cheaper, as well as being, well you know... This isn't a soapbox and we are not preaching. Some alternative may very well no be available in certain areas, or are too expensive to switch to. You make up your own choices depending on your own situation. We only share the information - we definitely do not judge anyone's decision - because it's not our to make. Our primary goal, is to spread awareness with our simple message, so you can make an informed choice... The Good list is here, also from CFK, it's bigger than the naughty list... We're spreading our message with Playlists on all the Major Music Streaming Platforms to Music Lovers, because no one else has done that, yet! And we're advertising our playlists across social media, Tik-Tok and YouTube. The next time you shop, please think bunny, look for the BUNNY LOGO, and BUY CRUELTY FREE , if you can. It's what Dr THINK BUNNY stands for...

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