You may have noticed: there's been lots of politics happening in the UK right now. I used to blog regularly about politics: and then I started working a 48-hour 6-day week at a job that doesn't permit me to use the Internet while I'm at work. In part to get clear in my own mind what is happening - between the Prime Minister, Parliament, the EU, and the backstop - I started writing lengthy posts on Facebook to explain what the parties and Parliament and the Prime Minister and the EU were doing, and how this might affect Brexit. Someone very kindly asked me, after I had explained in several lengthy posts how Boris Johnson's Opposition had got the No to No-Deal Brexit Act passed, why I didn't have a tip-jar, so he could thank me for writing these explanatory posts in a more concrete way that words. Well. I work these long hours not because I especially love my job, but because it pays the bills and keeps me and the wife, and ensures the cats don't start eating us for want of kitty-kibbles. So, here it is: If you can afford to drop me some cash, I will commit to taking time off work, subsidised by your gifts - and researching, and writing, ever more of these posts in which I hope to clarify, both to you and to me, how the UK is progressing towards Brexit - or away from it.

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