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Hi and Welcome to my introductory post, a journey to the four directions. The four pillars of holistic wellbeing: Mind, body, spirit and emotions. I am a Holistic health care practitioner and since 2006 tutor of metaphysics, wellbeing and self care, but since the onset of covid-19 I have had to move my courses on line and find a new platform. I am very excited to be here, I think Ko-fi is going to be perfect as I love to share and teach I feel it will also allow me to give so much more through posts, tips and blogs than I have in the past off line and the lessons and teachings can be locked, so I can share my personal experiences to inspire and encourage all who decide to join my programme. Hope you will join me here I have named it 'Journey to the four directions' as I am passionate about holistic healing and wellbeing. As we address each direction or pilar Mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing, spiritual wellbeing and emotional wellbeing we will find balance and our lives. Not just for ourselves but everyone around us. If you are curious simply follow me to discover more it will also show me your interest Be well, be happy and lots of love Elie ~X~

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