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Elizabeth Metz
Welcome to Coddiwomple! It started as a year-long experiment/project where I'm mailing out a hand-made newsletter full of stories, weird lists, recipes, reports on my strange neighborhood, and anything else I can think of as the project evolved. It's still that, but it's evolved now (as of the september 2023 issue) to be too big for the printer, and we're going PDF so we're not constrained by physical limitations. Color? check! Bigger size? check! More content without it costing four billion dollars to print?? CHECK. It also means that there's just one price, worldwide, since I don't have to give the USPS a pound of flesh for every stamp. :D My aim is to give you a little bit of joy and escape every month, delivered directly to your inbox. We can all use a little more joy. :)

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