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Beta Reader Extraordinaire! @ElshaHawk - DM on twitter Verb tense agreer - repetitive word/content sniffer - Typo correcter - spell checker - sarcastic commenter | YA, Sci-Fi, Fantasy novels and short stories | Co-founder of | Browncoat | Ravenclaw | Winner of "Write to Win" contest Fall 2009 Published in Eclectic Flash 2010 Published in Antimatter Magazine 2017 Published in Rejected Manuscripts 2018 Published in #SFFIction anthology of #vss 2020

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Elsha Hawk
I love to help sci-fi/fantasy authors with their short stories or flash fiction. I will provide light editing and note comments on your content. BONUS - You will receive instant access to my guide for defeating Writer's Bl*ock or "That-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named". BONUS+ You could end up featured on the HawkandYoung website. (with author consent)

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