=CURRENTLY EXPLORING: Taste · Interactivity · Storytelling = +WORKING ON: Distilling Conversation experiences into DIY toolkits + Greetings curious soul (or random person of the internet)! Welcome to the empori's humble Ko-fi page. We mostly create IRL experiences, but we are also diving into making digital experiences and DIY kits so you can recreate and share our experiences with your friends and family. If you've found our experiences intriguing, interesting or both, it'd be awesome if you could buy us a Ko-fi ☕ [Where is my money going?] One day, we will make a living off our art, for now, your money goes towards paying overheads for our creations, which includes but is not limited to: -Paying our monthly featured illustrators and artists (because artists need to eat too!) -Paying for our Typeform, QuickBooks etc. work-related subscriptions -Paying for materials (e.g. graphics, paper, printing etc.) If there magically are left-over funds after all the above, money then goes towards feeding me. 😎

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