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AHOY! I'm a digital artist and independent animation student! I'm learning 3D character rigging and animation in hopes that one day I can work in the video game industry.
If you like my work, please consider leaving a tip or commissioning me! Anything to help me and my family with living expenses and lifting my student loan is greatly appreciated!

5-2-18: I'm still accepting Sketch Headshot commissions right here! These will always stay open, stop by anytime!
4 coffees ($12 USDs) for each character.
I can draw animals, humans and humanoids of all kinds. Can have more than one character together or separate, just say so. Unlimited slots, waiting time depends on how many people are in line. These will most likely will be done within the same day or as soon as I can.
You can see where you'd be in line in this queue right here:

Please leave a message with your..
-Username @ (Deviantart, Furaffinity, Tumblr, etc) so I can credit you
-Links to character's reference (just images, please no written descriptions!)
-Description of desired expression or give me Artistic Freedom
*I will be using your paypal email to send you a high resolution version of the art

-If you'd like to be more detailed with your description, you can email me and tell me who you are on Ko-fi.
~Any questions, you can email me at: !

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