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Every little bit helps me to continue making more art :D I will create a unique doodle on or off stream for every dollar you put in the tip jar! You can either make a request for each doodle (keep it SFW >;) or I can just make some random ones. Each doodle will be numbered, carry your name/username and be displayed on stream in slideshows to shout out your support! In the near future the doodles will also be catalogued and displayed on my website. At the moment there's a on stream doodle cap of 3 doodles per person per stream. Additional doodles will carry over to the next doodle stream. There's currently no cap for doodles drawn off stream. Just let me know if you prefer to have your doodles drawn on stream or off stream! During Doodlegeddon there is no doodle cap...

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