Hey there, This ko-fi page is related to all my projects linked with the classic car world. Everything began 2 years ago when I realized how OLD was the classic car industry on the internet. I've found way too many website with really great information, but terrible user experiences. This is how I decided to help here, and create some great user-experience websites! 🚗 everycars.co is a first website where you can join a community of classic car renovators in order to share some great tricks to renovate a car on a budget 🚙 search.everycars.co is a database of every classic cars produced on earth between 1880 and 2000. On this website my goal is to provide visitors with great figure helping to choose on which project you want to work. I'm gonna continue to create some great projects related to classic cars! I assume most of them won't be charged to user and will remain free. So if you are interested in classic car and want to help, just do not hesitate to make a donation! that will be helpful 🙏

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