Evine Arts and Illustrations
There are various projects I am working on, between children's books, graphic novels, and one illustrated novel. I'm most proud of my illustrated novel, 'Abigail', a supernatural romance taking place in the 1920s. Plot: Charlotte is made aware of the demon within her awaiting the Spirit of Jezebel, placed by the witches of Athaliah's Creed, a cult her mother escaped from. Under the guidance of mentor, Deuteronomy, she joins in the Spiritual Warfare for the soul of Chicago; yet when a handsome vagabond settles in the city, she faces the struggle between her responsibilities and her growing affections for the mysterious Abraham D'aureville. However, her appearance in the city has caught the attention of an even greater threat than Athaliah's Creed. Charlotte must learn that it is not by her strength which her demons can be defeated, but by the blood of the Lamb who is mighty to save.

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