Evine Arts and Illustrations

There are various projects I am working on, between children's books, graphic novels, and one illustrated novel. My first priority is my illustrated novel, 'Abigail', a supernatural romance taking place in the 1920s. Plot: As an adolescent, Charlotte is exorcised of the mighty demon, Ashteroth. Now, she’s driven to free the world of the cult who cursed her and her mother. Under the guidance of mentor, Deuteronomy, she joins the front lines in with The Judges of Melchizedek for the soul of Chicago. When a handsome vagabond settles in the city, she faces the struggle between her divine responsibilities and her growing affections for the mysterious Abraham D'aureville. In the meantime, in Ashteroth’s wandering, the demon calls for aid of an even greater threat than Athaliah's Creed in order to restore herself within her vessel. Charlotte learns Hell is a persistent enemy, and never to forget by the blood of the Lamb, she will always overcome. A story to remind even the strongest believers can still be hindered by unresolved demons, and must remember the true source of our strength.

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