F5UII - Christian

I am a radio amateur but also a web technology developer. By combining my two passions, I had the idea to propose a powerful tool for DXers (and all those who want to become one). The 🌎HamDXMap application (dxmap.f5uii.net) is very useful for all those who want to know the conditions of wave propagations, especially between two points positioned on our globe. I would like to greatly thank again KC2G for the availability of the MUF and foF2 thematic maps. I am also a member of the FY5KE radio club and I can tell you that HamDXMap is often used to try out unlikely QSO situations... I would be very glad to have your support for the hosting costs and your contribution to the coffee needed for the (human) machine to move forward... If you have interesting ideas to complete HamDXMap, do not hesitate to tell me them on the feebacks page : blue feedback on right side on https://dxmap.f5uii.net Sincerely, Christian, F5UII

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