Fairconditioning Program

The ko-fi page will be used to support the work we are doing at Fairconditioning Program in integrating sustainable cooling into undergraduate academic curricula of Indian engineering and architecture universities through Board-of-Studies Advocacy. Till today, the original knowledge products developed under the program are: (i) Training content in the form of presentations and videos on ‘Thoughtful Cooling’ for rchitecture/Engineering Education, (ii) Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) encompassing fundamentals of building physics and Sustainable Cooling Technologies, (iii) Sustainable Cooling Pedagogy Handbook for Architecture and Engineering that comprise 100+ sustainable cooling concept related activities designed to be conducted in the class to enable interactive, experiential and associative learning. (iv) A DIY Design Manual for In-House Fabrication of Physical Teaching Aids for teaching building physics concepts and serving as design aids for design project (v) Professionally Designed and Fabricated Ready-to-Assemble Physical Teaching Aids made from sustainable/recycled materials to teach ventilation, heat transfer and solar geometry concepts and optimize building form/orientation, size windows, shading devices, and locate cross-ventilation systems (vi) A Low-Cost Building Simulation Software usable in Undergraduate level pedagogy and serving as a design project performance verification tool for teachers to assess manifestation of learned sustainability concepts into design. The donation collected from all of you will be used in expanding above knowledge products.

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