I am the developer and supporter of some great tools/modules for the Realm Works campaign management tool, Foundry VTT and Obsidian.md note tool. The following tools are available: - Import tool for RW, which lets you take a CSV, XLSX or JSON file and create an XML file which can be loaded into Realm Works. - Output tool for RW which can create HTML documents or Markdown files containing the information you've got in your realm (but won't work for protected content). - The Realm Works Import module for the Foundry VTT which will take an RWoutput file from Realm Works or Hero Lab portfolio file and convert the information into Actors, Scenes, Journal Entries and Playlists in your Foundry VTT world. - Importers for obsidian.md allowing generation of notes from CSV or JSON files; or journal entries from Foundry VTT.

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