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After a decade of cartooning, I want to try my hand at a non-sequitur comic. I want the comics to be relatable, funny, as inclusive as possible, and easy to produce. All without sacrificing quality, relying on running gags, or inside jokes. From past experience, I knew that real life could take its toll on any production schedule. And that feeling pressured to be inspired, funny or creative often stifles the very output you want to create. I also knew that I was not the most talented artist, so I needed an art style that I was able to focus on without worrying about self-critic syndrome. These are those comix. I hope you enjoy them!

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Welcome to my Ko-fi Page. I made this page because it takes a lot of caffeine to stick to a schedule and also be funny. If you enjoy my comix, please consider supporting what I do. Thanks in advance!

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