reborn from the coldness of winter

Hi~ This page is for giving support. You have to read the guide below to sponsor your favorite novel of mine/just support me by giving a donation. My Projects: (I won't state the title, but use the main character's name which you should've known which novel it is if you read my projects) - Beatty - Sephiel - Erylotte - Catyshia - Lee Hayeon - Danmok Ryeon - Seh Ruhwa (Shangra Heeyo) - Moyong Seol - Sia — SPONSOR CHAPTERS — [1 Coffee = 1 Sponsored/Extra Chapter] - Sponsors for: *Erylotte *Baekri Yeon *Diana Ohrid *Raphine *Diana Cartier *Dang Yerin is CLOSED - The rest of the novels are still OPEN to sponsors - If you still want to support the closed ones, you may just support by giving a donation, don't forget to put down the note and remember that it doesn't count as a sponsor anymore, but as a support (it might motivate me to update more, but not as a sponsored chapter) → Please make sure that if you're buying me a coffee, you're also leaving me a message (either public or private) containing which novel you want to sponsor. → You can support just one novel (state the novel title, no need how many chapters) or you can also support several novels at once (list which novel is it and how many chapters for each novel; only if the ratio for each novel is not equally divided). → If you didn't insert any of the novel titles that you want to support since you like all of the novels I translated and can't choose hehe, then I'll be one to pick it (randomly) (for not-a-translator-donation case). → Also, if you have anything that you want to say to me, you can just put it down along in the message! — HOW DO THE SPONSOR CHAPTERS WORK — → It will be posted ALL on ReadHive, publicly. Please don't try to find any here (Ko-fi) since there are none. → It'll be in the form of a double-chapter update or any updates besides the stated update schedule day. So, updates will be faster than it was supposed to be. → If there are any chapters that I owe you, readers, from missing out on an update for any reasons (sick, exams, etc), I'll make up for those first, then move on to the sponsored chapters. → If I posted the sponsored chapter much in advance or ahead of the scheduled time (maybe a few days, a week or two, or more), surely it'll be an advance chapter at first, but not to worry, since eventually, it'll become publicly free when it has already come to the real scheduled update time. → Later, in the sponsored chapter will be stated the number of batches along with the name of the person who sponsored (using Ko-fi name). → It will be done following my queue, so please be patient. — SUPPORTING ME AS THE TL-OR BY DONATING — → If you're an angel from heaven who wants to give me a donation/support me without sponsoring a novel or because the novel you want to support has closed, it is very very welcome. Just don't forget to put a note on the message when buying the coffee(s). — HOW TO CONTACT ME — → You may join our tl group's discord server, and find my account there. → You may ask/contact me through one of the channels with tagging my account (the account name is the same as my translator name). Please make sure to send your message in the right channel following with your message's context. → If you prefer to DM, you may DM me. → Please don't be rude when sending me a message TT Thank you^^ I really appreciate your support and I hope you'll have a good day♡

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