Hey there! Thank you for dropping by the ko-fi page :) it means a lot that you're thinking about throwing me a few euro. But why would you bother? I've been running several websites and community projects for years now and I do so for free and without ads. Where possible, everything I make is open source too and I do very little to no user analytics because your privacy means a lot to me. People often ask if they can donate to me, and some do whether that's by buying a theme in FAT or sending me some money on Paypal. I wanted to set up a Ko-Fi account specifically to cover the costs of the various projects I run and so those who prefer this platform can use it. So, here are the cost breakdowns for,, & Server costs: $8.86 per month (currently €8.27) Per Year costs: $106.32 (currently €99.24) Fullmeter domain: €14.70 a year FGCIreland domain: €14.70 a year TeacherBuilt domain: €17.82 a year That means it costs me roughly €146.46 And that's it! I'm not really looking to make much more here on ko-fi, but if you want to donate anyway you can :)

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