Tanaka // Kohikohi

Hi! My name is Yuyuun, and I primarily produce vocaloid music using English voicebanks. Although this page is primarily for Kohikohi, I also have another project called TWO-light. I make music because I love making music. I've been on this journey as a composer since 2019 and I've loved every second of it. With that said, I've made little money back in comparison to how much I've spent on this passion of mine. The purpose of this Ko-fi page is to simply have a direct way to garner financial support for my projects. If you appreciate the work I make and want to show it, my Ko-fi page is the best way to do so, as other sites charge a transaction fee for buying my music. I'll be using this page as a blog, so keep an eye if you wish! Thank you for reading!

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