George Mwika Kayange

Hello, buddies. Thanks for visiting my Ko-Fi page. I'm George, a nonprofit management guru with over 20 years of experience and an internationally certified Project Management Professional (PMP®). I don't want to keep the knowledge and experience I've accumulated over the years to myself, so my like-minded friends and I have put together a collection of FREE project management manuals, courses, tools, and other resources on this website ( If you find these resources useful, think about buying me or any of my mates involved in the project a cup of coffee to encourage us to keep creating more. Another project that you may be interested in is called BizLounge ( Here, I curate resources on business innovations that help to optimise productivity, ROI, and business value across businesses and organisations. Finally, I also enjoy imparting insights that have helped me stay productive throughout the years in the work I do. In addition to finding out more about me, you may learn about productivity on my personal website ( Cheers!

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