Girl At The Game
Girl At The Game has been a one-woman show since its inception. With the exception of a few incredible guest writers, it's always just been me, Gabrielle. I taught myself how to build a website, research, write and edit my own writing, grow a social media presence from 250 followers to 16,000, record, design merchandise, and edit and distribute not one but two podcasts. I'm so proud of all I have accomplished on my own, but Girl At The Game is supposed to be more than just me. I have big dreams and big plans for this little platform of mine. And I know I can't keep doing it alone. So if you love my content and want even more of it, and you want to hear from fresh new voices, supporting Girl At The Game on Ko-fi is how you can help make it happen. I want to use this money to pay freelance contributors, fellow girls at the games. My dream is for a sports world where women aren't an aberration, they're the norm. Help me make it happen!

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