Hi everyone, my name is Gitti. I want to build a new kennel for canines at Puppy and Dog Paradise, where we properly raise and train puppies and dogs to become wonderful and calm companions for us humans. See how we raise and train our puppies at Glenelg Dog & Puppy Paradise on YouTube (video link below). Out of the wonderful experience with my first Border Collie puppy, which was properly raised and trained four months with her entire dog family, I had the idea to do this as well with the puppies. I wanted to show how important it is for them to have time with both of their parents, to live with their siblings, and be ready to spend the rest of their beautiful lives with us humans. If you give them a chance, they easily learn how to behave, and make us happy. We believe that after around four months, lots of patience, they will be the best companion possible. A dog who can develop the right way can be healing for us. If you are looking for a nice puppy, please contact us. Also, if you know any pregnant dogs that have nowhere to go, we can help you to board her and raise the puppies. Our goal is to eliminate suffering of animals, and we'll try to find a good home for all puppies. In spring we are planning to open an agility centre, with the ability to train dogs properly using Chet Womach and Caesar Milan’s methods. These puppies are very intelligent, behave well, and are not trained the old fashioned militaristic way. Their brains are being wired to easily follow commands and calmly wait for their food and treats. Your support is greatly appreciated. Please consider making a donation today. Thank you! We welcome non-monetary support for Puppy & Dog Paradise in Glenelg. We are taking building supplies, fencing, windows, doors, lumber etc. to continue improving our farm sanctuary ( visit and send us an email letting us know how you can assist). Thanks. If you prefer, you can e-transfer instead (visit and send money from your bank to that email address). Thanks again. Check out our YouTube channel:

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