Grizzly Beatz
Each Donation comes with a chance for playlist placement. IMPORTANT: Playlist is only for INSTRUMENTALS in the LOFI/CHILLHOP GENRE ONLY....NO VOCALS!! Include song link(s) in the message box that you want added to the playlist. I will listen to the song within 24-48 hrs. If it fits the playlist and good quality it will be added towards the top. New adds are added towards the top, playlist is kept to a 100 max to give artist more streams. 1 Coffee ☕ ➤ One song play-listed ➤ Playlist for 30 days 3 Coffees ☕☕☕ ➤ Three songs play-listed ➤ Playlist for 30 days --------------------------- ➤ Submissions are viewed in 24hr (or sometimes later)

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