Maslow -

Hey everyone! It's Maslow, the creator of the TTRPG platform Harpy. Harpy is composed of a World builder, a 3D Virtual Tabletop, a Play-by-post chat and a Character sheet system. Available in 6 languages, working on every device and accessible for free at (no installation required). Harpy has been a side project since 2018 and earlier this year I decided to quit my job to work full-time on it and give it a real chance to reveal its full potential. After spending several months rewriting most of the code to make it more stable, performant and easier to maintain and expand, I'm now building one of the most upvoted features: A game-agnostic character sheet system. I'm doing my best to build Harpy in public, which means that I openly share revenues, server costs, users count, analytics, etc. After all, Harpy is a community-driven platform so it feels only fair to be transparent with everyone. My long term vision for Harpy is a platform available in 15+ languages, working with the best content creators and brands, compatible with any device, with a Game finder, a Workshop to share any Codex entry, Random tables, Spells or Character sheets. Thanks a lot for reading me and considering supporting my work. Please come say hi on our Discord 👋 Check out Harpy at

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