I write * I fight * I dance. Sometimes I do them in synchronicity. My signature dance style is called the Dance of Elemental Alchemy, a mix of belly dance, ecstatic dance, modern dance, martial arts, and hints of the other forms, both contemporary and folkloric, that I have studied. Taught through the metaphor of Five Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Metal), the style focuses on storytelling, inspiration and innovation. My grander vision for this elemental System is a creative self-development process designed for education, recreation and wellness. Its modalities are: —dance for performance & joy —meditation & breath —passion & creativity —storytelling for page & stage —martial movement & mindset As a survivor of Traumatic Brain Injury, domestic violence, sexual assault, and bodily injury, I created this System for myself. It is my greatest life’s mission to share what I’ve learned. Due to how often I have to rest my body, I tend to write more about these things than I dance them lately. My blog has become the home of my memoirs, and I also write about them in fiction. In keeping with my Elemental theme, I shoot a lot of nature photography and video because...All The Pretty. I’m a multipotentialite within all my multipod modalities and I seriously need about 5 clones. You never know which medium I’ll be painting in on any given day, although I usually only paint my hair. Or walls. Sometimes my deck. My home is my temple sanctuary, so I’m sure we’ll be diving into the creation of that as well. It’s all interconnected. It’s just one big tangled box of thread spools, a collection of knots weaving the tapestry of my life. Welcome, and enjoy poking around!

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