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My name is John, and I am the enigmatic supervillain only known, to some, as Librarian for the Hermetic Library. I would love to have your support and encouragement to continue the ongoing work and expansion of all the projects related to this site while also joining me here as a Patron! The overall mission of Hermetic Library is Archiving, Engaging and Encouraging the living Esoteric Tradition, Hermeticism, Aleister Crowley's Thelema, & much more through Open Access Occultism for the last 25 years and beyond. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be of service as the librarian, but, moreover, your interest and support for the work of the library is very much appreciated. You make what I do possible! You keep the library online! Thank you! As an ongoing Patron of Hermetic Library, you help keep the site online and open access, so that it can be a resource for everyone, for millions of visits a year by researchers, academics, practitioners, students, and the curious! In addition to the main website, check out Hermetic Library's in various other places, especially the Blog. Listen to over 10 years of Magick, Music and Ritual from the Anthology Project and on Bandcamp. Check out all the Merch! There's a lot more too, all linked on the main library site. There's a lot of benefits now that you are part of the insider circle of supporters doing your part to keep the site alive and growing. — Anthology Album For new Patrons, I will send you a gratis download code for any one of the released Hermetic Library Albums. So, consider which of the releases you'd like as your reward. Just let me know, and I’ll get that to you right away! And, as an ongoing Patron, I'll also offer you download codes for each new release when it comes out, which has been two albums each of the last few years. — Guilt-free Ad Blocking One of the great benefits to you as a Patron is that you are welcome to use an ad blocker totally guilt free when viewing the library site and blog, because you are now supporting the site with your ongoing patronage! — Merch I've got exclusive merch for you! Generally, I cycle through creating merch for various pledge tiers, and post about that on the blog. Specifically what that merch will be depends on what pledge tier you have joined, which designs I have currently set up, and which items are available, so check the support tier descriptions and posts tagged "merch" for more information and specifics. Higher pledge tiers get more and more nifty stuff! — Special Offers From time to time, I am able to make time-limited special offers available in collaboration with others. I'll announce those on when they are available. You may be interested in scrolling back to check out posts about ongoing, evergreen offers. There may be others in the future, but I'll always tag those posts as an "offer" to help find them! — Social Media Shoutout If you are on social media, let me know if you'd like a special shout out to publicly thank you for your support. I don't do this without your permission, of course, so just let me know if that is something you're interested in having me do for you. — Paying it Forward Are you also a Creator? As a Patron of the library, let me know where you've got a Creator profile. If so, and you want me to, I’ll gladly consider a reciprocal equivalent pledge in mutual support and solidarity. We can support each other and enjoy each other's content! That way people who check out Hermetic Library will also see your related patronage campaign. — Digital Publications For Patrons with Mars+ perks, I will also offer you gratis downloads of any newly released Hermetic Library digital publications. I’ll announce new digital publications when they are available. This includes posts tagged "postal exchange" that include a digital download of what I've created, generally any PDF files I created to make special Postal Exchange perks. Mars+ Patrons can get gratis downloads for all past publications over on the library's Itch shop. — Postal Exchange For Jupiter+ pledges, I’m very irregularly sending to each Patron with this perk spiffy stuff for Postal Exchange. This should be a several mailings each year, so there will be interesting things to look forward to in the mail every couple of months. Also, please consider sending interesting items to me that you want to re-home or that you find in your local community that would be great for Postal Exchange. I would love to put anything you might find into other people’s boxes the next time around to keep the exchange going strong. Every once in a while I'll be able to send something extra special, like other publications, books, zines, journals and so on, in addition to and beyond what's in a regular Postal Exchange envelope. As a Patron, you help determine the future of the site by supporting my work at providing open access, digital preservation, and presentation of important works in the living Esoteric Tradition, Hermeticism, Aleister Crowley’s Thelema, & much more. Not only that, but you will also support all the work I do with encouraging new music, art and letters from those who feel drawn to these topics and ideas, or, especially, incorporate and manifest ritual and magick in their works. As a Patron, you help make the magick. Gander at the variety of perks available. Select the best level of ongoing support that you are able and willing to pledge. And, let's conjure our community and evoke excellence together! Other ways to support Hermetic Library Ko-Fi is not the only way to support the work of the library. If you'd like other options, I would ask you to consider these alternatives: you could subscribe at Bandcamp or buy an album or the whole discography, pick up merch at Threadless, support me similarly at Patreon. I have set up these alternatives in order to provide a variety of ways to support my work that might suit your preferences. There are many other ways beyond these to help support the work of the library, so if you've an idea not mentioned let's talk about that too!

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