Hello! 💕 Thanks you for coming here ☕️ I'm Hirami, 27 years old and I live in Austria. I'm a passionate (didn't wanna say crazy 😉) Yu-Gi-Oh! fan and I love getting creative in this fandom. I make cosplays, I take photos, cut and edit AMVs, take cosplay videos, share information and knowledge with the fandom and run a Yu-Gi-Oh! Merchandise blog. I'd like to invite you to take a closer look at my blogs, and I hope you'll find something you like! 💙 https://hiramichan.tumblr.com/ - collection of all my selfmade work 💜 https://yugioh-merchandise.tumblr.com/ - Yugioh Merchandise blog ❤️ http://youtube.com/c/HiramiSatoko - AMVs and cosplay videos 💛 http://hiramiyugioh.tumblr.com/ - general Yugioh blog 🔞 💚 http://hiramijapan.tumblr.com/ - Japan travel blog 🖤 https://www.instagram.com/hiramisatoko/ - Instagram Thank you and have a good day! 💕

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