Samui Shiiba
Thanks for visiting my Ko-fi page! I am Samui, a writer and variety streamer. I also run a gaming community which is home to a few online game servers. My main two writing projects are Kitsuria Chronicles and Digital Dimension. Kitsuria Chronicles is a short story based off my earlier role playing characters and events that took place on IRC back in 2004-2005. Digital Dimension is a Digimon fan fiction that started out as a silly project during my early high school years. It's been reworked and is also going to be based off some dreams I've had over the years. I occasionally stream a variety of games on my Twitch channel. I am still figuring out a decent streaming schedule, but I mainly play Digimon RPG's, classic DOS games, and speedrun some 16-bit classics as well. Donations are greatly appreciated, and will eventually be used toward getting equipment that will improve my streams. But first, I need to get my credit card balances down, which is starting to look like a sisyphean task right now.

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