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Imagicnary Fae

I'm an imagicnary fae, and thanks for being here! I'm seeking Faegments (you!) to help grow and maintain Mana, my magic power source, which I use to make my creations magical and keep me existing. Teleport into my mind during live streams for direct fun, check out my scrying magic afterwards on YouTube, and explore my Discord Imagicnation for community hangout! Be Faency by supporting monthly! You help keep the streams magical with Mana, and you get some extra powers for it. • Faedex: Various artworks of your Faegment character when randomly picked for my art stream! • Faency Art: A special piece of art made by me at the end of each month. • Video Credits: Your username in the end credits of my YouTube videos! • Discord : Faency role tag! This gives you special powers in my Discord server Imagicnation. Make sure your Discord and Ko-fi accounts are linked to get the Faency role tag auto-magically! SmoochyPlayin' is a together channel of deathofroland (my partner) and I, and you can find it here:

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