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the Scenes

Jen is a stop motion film maker with a goal of sharing her creations and knowledge with the world. She really wants to succeed, but what will people think of her when she reveals her creations online? Will she fail, or will she go viral? And if she succeeds, can she stay true to herself? Jen will face the same fears and challenges all of us come up against when we put our ideas out there in the world. The shorts will also promote stop motion history in different segments that will unfold over the course of the series. She will also interview real stop motion film makers on her retro computer over the internet. Through her personal work she reveals her inner most feelings on different topics as an film maker. Jen lives with her jumping spider called Hop. She calls him a "great little hopper" as he likes to keep the pesky flies in check that annoy her while she works. Plus he's good company and helps her around the studio. She sometimes gets surprise visitors, some good and some downright evil! She also shares practical tips and tricks. The series is an over-all entertaining project where the ideas are endless. Jen's catch phrase is “if you can think it, you can make it”! I can't make this film alone, I'd really like your help if the story resonates with you. The funds will go towards the completion of the main indoor set, building the rest of the puppets, animation and more. The ultimate goal is to eventually work full time on the project and share the process with all of you.

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