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23 | PH | Starving Artist

I like to do design, write stuff, and attempt to draw. You can hire me for cheap but pretty digital designs. Also pls donate coffee I thank you many times many much thank yes I'm oki totes fine yup coffee is lyf pls hire me i do u a good A+ quality 100% totes thx

Smol Mango
Hi there! Welcome to my page. Thank you so much for dropping by. If I ever made any designs for you, I hope you like 'em. If not, please hire me hahahaha loljknorlypls.

Anyway, so I really love coffee. Coffee runs through my veins. If you buy me coffee, you are giving me life, and I am very grateful for your support. Pls feed smol mango. Pls hire smol mango. Justice for smol mango thank

um sustenance & nutrition plox im hunger

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