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Okay, well... I don't need the HDD any more, because a friend of the blog just went to the Amazon list and bought it. So, I'm putting my next long-term goal on here, which is another 3D Printer, but this one is for resin. It's small, and I'm mainly looking to print D&D miniatures and small detail pieces using it. Still, something I'd like to experiment with, and since y'all seem to like watching me experiment with things? I figure it wouldn't hurt to ask for some help.


Hey there! I'm a local blogger out of Indianapolis, IN that has been talking about cool things for Geeks in this state since 2010. I currently host a website, focusing on events and Geek shops in the state of Indiana, and I host/edit two podcasts for friends! All of this on top of being active on social media, and spending time with my family and friends. I am also a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and a ton of other pop culture, science fiction, and fantasy properties. A lot of what I do now rotates around using 3D Printing for prop/costume replication (what kids these days call "cosplay") and D&D miniatures/terrain, playing the accordion, and bringing my blog back to its "roots".

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Indiana Geeking
Right now, I'm just looking to be able to make the bills for the blog, the Indiana Geeking Podcast, the Social Sci-Fi Podcast, and take over billing for the You're Gonna Love This... or Not... Podcast. Ko-fi helps supplement the income from Patreon and donations! THANK YOU ALL!

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