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Welcome to my Ko-fi Page! I am the author of the interactive fiction book "The Soul Stone War" and also a donut addict, so if you want to feed my addiction, please DON'T LET ME STOP YOU! The ideal scenario would be for me to be able to focus full time into making interactive fiction games and be able to support myself that way. I'm hoping that with enough support, I'll be able to do that😄 That day is still far away, but that's what dreams are for, right? 12 years ago, when I first came up with the idea for "The Soul Stone War", I never could have imagined that it would ever be seen by anyone other than my closest friends. And yet, so many years later, here we are with the first game completed and the second one underway. I will make my dream a reality one day, I know it! And every little bit helps! If you'd like to support me in as I focus into writing the second book, let me just say... THANK YOU!😊 I am also happy to announce that I am once more opening up commissions and a monthly reward system! I will accept 2 commissions per month, and I will upload them here on Ko-Fi for all monthly supporters to be able to read them. For monthly patrons, I will also upload ALL the Ko-Fi commissions that I have written so far as a thank you for your patronage! Also, more info on the commissions: You can ask me to write about whatever you want! Any character from the Soul Stone War, in any configuration you want! I can write fluff, angst, , AUs, or any combination thereof! Refunds are not issued if I have delivered the product to you within the specified time. If I can't get to your commission fast enough, or you want to cancel it before I begin, of course, you will get your money back! Also, I retain all rights to the commission, meaning I can upload it here on Ko-Fi or anywhere else I may choose. If this does not agree with you, please refrain from commissioning me. And please do not upload/share my commissions anywhere else without my permission. Thank you for your understanding and your patronage! My email is Contact me there, please!

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