Howdy and welcome to my page! Any and all donations are super appreciated, as they will help me a) continue to create more art/content and b) help with the strain on living expenses. Of course, I wouldn't ask for something and give nothing in return, so here are some tentative incentives. I'm also open to suggestions, too! [x] 5 Coffees: Frisk tries on Papyrus' FLAWLESS HUMAN DISGUISE. [] [x] 15 Coffees: Undyne and Papyrus when they first embarked on the glorious expedition that is their SCIENCE PARTNERSHIP!!! [] [x] 30 Coffees: Mettaton, Blooky, and Shyren in anime cosplay. [] [X] 50 Coffees: "Captain Cryptic" dressed as Captain Crunch, completely disgruntled by this fact. Flowey dressed as a parrot. [] [X] 75 Coffees: Asgore, Papyrus, Blook, and Frisk dressed as Santa and Santa's helpers. [TO DO] 100 Coffees: Frisk and Chara in embarrassing anime cosplay. There may or may not be flirting involved. [X] 150 Coffees: A short ficlet detailing one of the main characters' backstories, minus plot spoilers. We have multiple of these at: [TO DO] 175 Coffees: Dohj in a hotdog costume while Sans takes pictures. [] 200 Coffees: Frisk and Papyrus finally ride on that hover board. [] 250 Coffees: Alphys and Chara in a passionate argument over Mew Mew Kissy Cutie and Mew Mew Kissy Cutie 2. [] 300 Coffees: Another ficlet about a main character's backstory. Once again without major plot spoilers. I'll probably add more if I can think of any. 'Til then, have an amazing day, and thanks for stopping by!

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