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At its core, is independent journalism covering the resurgence of cycling in Ireland and related issues. It's run by me, Cian Ginty — I have reported on and commented on cycling in Ireland for over a decade. I've a background in journalism, with a BA in Journalism from DCU and HDip in Print Journalism from BCFE. I wrote about cycling (and other issues) for national newspapers, and started first for overflow stories. That grew into what is today. is already stretched beyond its limits in its current form, and now the Government is to spend nearly €1 million a day on cycling. To put our journalism on a sustainable footing we need your help — not everybody can or will be able to help, but if just 5% or so of our readers contributed would have the time to cover daily stories, follow up on leads, and investigate issues which effect people cycling today and dissuade others from cycling. Cycling is like a wonder drug. Providing for cycling can help reduce the effects of the looming crisis in inactivity, climate, air pollution and how we get around our towns, cities and even our rural areas. But the opposition against change is strong. The news and comment journalism of can help highlight the benefits and shine a light on the issues.

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